Mobile Data Collection Made Easy

Imagine the day when field workers no longer bring piles of paper forms back to the office for manual review and entry.

Imagine having videos, photos, and other multimedia associated with your point of interest without having to capture that information on separate devices.

Imagine all of that that without the need for special applications or devices. That is what we imagined when creating our new Mobile Data Collection software.

Using the latest features of the Google Chrome web browser, we were able to create a data collection tool that works regardless of internet connectivity or smart phone type.

Just point your browser to our secure web application and have access to features previously available only custom apps built specific to your device.

You do not need internet access to enter and collect data, only to download the initial forms and then to later upload the data collected.


  • Existing job or customer information is saved to the phone when internet is available and can be accessed by field workers even when in remote locations.
  • Collect information from the field without an internet connection. Save text, numeric, GPS, and pictures data for later upload.
  • Captured photos are automatically associated with other collected information.
  • Collect GPS information and know the precise location when data collection occurred.
  • Permits easy upload of saved information. One click data upload at the end of the day or anytime in between (must have internet connection).


  • County Assessors – assign jobs to appraisers then have access to parcel, owner, and structure information while collecting new data.
  • Oil and Gas / Forestry – save photographic and other form based information relating to an inspection. No need to record separate GPS information it’s already stored in the photo.
  • Many other uses – Use anywhere there is a need to collect data especially when you may not have an internet connection.


A smart phone or tablet capable of running the Google Chrome web-browser and part time internet access. GPS and Camera capabilities are necessary only if part of your data collection requirements.

The Mobile Data Collection application is fully customizable to meet your business needs. We utilize the latest server technologies to permit fast turnaround for new clients. With over 25 years experience turning your data into information, integration with your existing processes is only a phone call away.

Screen Shots

Main menu. Easy access to assigned jobs and other features.

Task / Job listing. Information from multiple sources available at one touch.

Browse existing information.

Enter / Edit Data.

Easily Take and Attach Photographs